Martin - Zambito Fine Art: About

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Founded by David Martin and Dominic Zambito in 1989, Martin-Zambito Fine Art is committed to rediscovering and reviving interest in American Artists as well as regional artists of the Pacific Northwest.  We have been instrumental  in re-establishing the  reputations of several noted artists who have become nationally well known due to our efforts. The Gallery welcomes the novice as well as advanced and institutional collectors.  We focus on several mediums including Painting, Printmaking, Photography, and Sculpture.  Our championing of women and minority artists has established the gallery as a leading source for collectors, curators, and art historians who concentrate on this time period.

The gallery is located in the historic Henry H. Dearborn House at the intersection of Minor and Seneca on First Hill. We are in the lower level of the building, which is accessible through the back entrance in the parking area.

Mr. Dearborn (1844-1909) was an investment banker and real estate developer who played an instrumental role in Seattle’s early development. He promoted the commercial use of the tideflats and exerted an influence on the direction of the transcontinental railroad south of the city’s core.The building was designed by architect Henry Dozier in 1905 and completed in 1907.

The upper level of the Dearborn House serves as the home for Historic Seattle, which is dedicated to the preservation of our regional historical architecture. They offer numerous events, lectures, publications and tours as well as advocacy for preserving and maintaining important historic structures throughout the state.

Hours: By appointment only.