About the Gallery...
Martin-Zambito Fine Art is committed to rediscovering and reviving interest in American Artists as well as regional artists of the Pacific Northwest.  We have been instrumental  in re-establishing the  reputations of several noted artists who have become nationally well known due to our efforts. The Gallery welcomes the novice as well as advanced and institutional collectors.  We focus on several mediums including Painting, Printmaking, Photography, and Sculpture.  Our championing of women and minority artists has established the gallery as a leading source for collectors, curators, and art historians who concentrate on this time period.   Gallery History and Credentials
If You Are Searching For An Appraisal please contact
Scott Zema of  ARK LIMITED APPRAISALS,inc at    www.arklimited.com
1117 Minor Ave - Seattle, Washington 98101

A Representative Selection of our Artists...

                                                        Glen Alps 1914-1996                                 Inez Hill Bailey 1900-1960

Abe Blasko b.1920-                                        Guido Borghi 1903-1971                           John Davidson Butler 1890-1976         

Margaret Camfferman 1881-1964              Peter Camfferman 1890-1957                  Louise Crow 1891-1968                        

 Tel   206 726 9509
James E. Peck 1907-2002                            Danny Pierce b.1920                                   Mary Randlett  b. 1924                    
Claire Shuttleworth 1867-1930                  Fokko Tadama 1871-1937                            Yasushi Tanaka 1886- 1941
Historic  Northwest Watercolors         WPA era Artwork                   Mid Century Modern                  
Mable Lisle Ducasse 1895-1976                Eugene Dyczkowski 1899-1987               Jacob Elshin 1892-1976                                
Al Everett   1917-1965                                    Paul Horiuchi 1906-1999                         Yvonne Twining Humber 1907-2007            
Hans Jorgensen 1915-2003                          William Ashby McCloy 1913-2000         Spencer Moseley 1925-1998