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Founded in 1990 by David Martin and Dominic Zambito, Martin-Zambito Fine Art is a unique part of Seattle's art scene, producing groundbreaking exhibitions that have attracted national attention.
The gallery focuses on discovering then re-introducing important early Northwest artists. These talented and accomplished artists made significant contributions to the regional art scene during their day, but were forgotten for various reasons including gender, racial and even artistic bias. These artists include women, Japanese-Americans and other minorities who had established national and international reputations during the period 1890-1960.

He has also lectured extensively on their accomplishments in painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography. As an expert on early Northwest art, David also routinely contributes to and acts as consultant to national publications and exhibitions, often writing artist biographies for inclusion in books and catalogues.
Current Activities:
Guest Curator and author of accompanying book : Cut from Nature: The Art of Richard Bennett for the Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, University of Washington Press,  August 27. 2010- March 27,  2011.

Shadows of a Fleeting World: Pictorial Photography and the Seattle Camera Club, University of Washington Press, release date February, 2011 to coincide with an exhibition at the University of Washington Henry Art Gallery, February 12 – May 8, 2011. 

 Evergreen Muse: The Art of Elizabeth Colborne, guest curator and author of accompanying catalogue, Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA, June 17 - October 9, 2011.

Regional Art exhibitions:
"An Enduring Legacy: Women Painters Of Washington, 1930-2005," Whatcom Museum, begins May 22 through September 11, 2005. Curator and catalogue author.
"From Lake Union to the Louvre: The Etchings of Paul Morgan Gustin," Frye Art Museum, September 24, 2004 through January 2, 2005. Curator and catalogue author.
"Pioneer Women Photographers," Frye Art Museum, December 2002 through March 2003. Curator and catalogue author.
Other publications David has contributed to:
Yvonne Twining Humber 1907-2004: Her Life and Her Legacy. Artist Trust Publication, 2007.    Author of feature essay “The Urban and Rural Musings of an American Painter.” 
Selected Paintings & Sculpture from the Collection of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art ,Oklahoma City Museum of Art, contributed entries for the catalogue, 2007.
The Encyclopedia of New York State, Syracuse University Press, 2003,  ,Two essays  co-authored with Michael L. James. "Art in Rochester and Central New York" and "Murals in New York State,"  For more information, see 
The Pacific Northwest Landscape, a Painted History. Sasquatch 2002.
Northwest Watercolor Society Celebrates 60 Years, exhibition catalogue, Frye Art Museum, 2000. "Painted With Light: Photographs by the Seattle Camera Club," American Art Review, February, 2000. Feature article about Seattle's first internationally known photography organization.

Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Winter 1999/2000, Volume 91, Number 1. "Nikkei Life in the Northwest: Photographic Impressions, 1912-1954,"
Who Was Who in American Art, 1564-1975, Peter Falk, Sound View Press, 1999
An Encyclopedia of Women Artists of the American West, Phil Kovinick et. al., University of Texas Press, 1998.
 Yasushi Tanaka: Painter who Worked in Seattle and Paris. The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Japan, 1997.
Independent Spirits: Women Painters of the American West, 1890-1945, Patricia Trenton, editor, University of Calif, 1995.
Artifact: A Regional Magazine of the Fine Arts and Antiques.“Northwest Art History: Louise Crow Boyac 1891-1968.” Vol. 1, No. 2 September/October, 1995
Artifact: A Regional Magazine of the Fine Arts and Antiques.“Northwest Art History: Lance Wood Hart 1892-1941.” Vol. 1, No. 1 July/August, 1995.
Online Articles for
Washington State W.P.A. Artist Z. Vanessa Helder by David F. Martin . View the full text on Z. Vanessa Helder
Ella E. McBride 1862-1965  Pioneer Mountaineer and Artistic Photographer .   To view the full Text on Ella E. McBride
Artists of Washington State During World War II 
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Women Painters of Washington
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Biographical Sketch of Glass Artist Dale Chihuly(b. 1941)
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Selected Public Lectures on Regional Art History:
Lecture: Northwest Women Artists, 1890-1950: Reviving Reputations
State Capitol Museum, Olympia, Washington, March 13, 2008

Lecture: Northwest Women Artists, 1890-1950: Reviving Reputations
Seattle Art Museum, November 3, 2007.

Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA, Lecture, Northwest Women Artists, 1890-1950, June 12, 2005.

Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon, advisor to curators for Washington state artists, Northwest Masters: Forgotten Prints from 1910-1945, April 9 through June 5, 2005.
Gave the opening night gallery talk.

Frye Art Museum, Lecture, “Printmaking in Seattle: The Early 20th Century”, September 25, 2004.

Seattle Art Museum: Lecture, “The Unique View From Here”, early NW art & artists, October 1, 2004.

Safeco Insurance: February 19, 2004 and April 8, 2004: Lectures on Early Women Photographers of the Northwest to coincide with their exhibition of the same topic.

Microsoft Artist Lecture Series, February 6, 2004, lecture examining early Northwest Art.

Museum of Northwest Art, LaConner, WA. October 23, 2003, lecture,  “Northwest Women Artists: 1880-1950”  

Seattle Art Tuesdays: Cal Anderson Park Shelter House.
 July 8, 2003  "Painted With light: Northwest Pictorial Photography 1890-1930"
July 15, "The Other Northwest School: Early Northwest Regional art 1880-1950"

Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, BC, Canada: June 19, 2003. Lecture on Pictorial photography in the Northwest and American west Coast.

Frye Art Museum, January 26, 2003. Lecture: Pioneer Women Photographers.

Seattle Art Museum: April 7, 2001, lecture "Washington State Art and Artists of the W.P.A."

Washington State Historical Museum, Tacoma, WA. March 22, 2001. Lecture on Seattle W.P.A. artist Z. Vanessa Helder (1904-1968) and her series of watercolors that chronicle the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam.

University of Washington, Conference on the History of the Nikkei (Japanese Americans) in the Pacific Northwest, Tuesday, May 9, and 2000. Lecture: The Seattle Camera Club 1924-1929.

Seattle Art Museum: September 16, 1999: Lecture:  (Painted With Light: Pictorialism & the Seattle Camera Club, 1924-1929) 

Museum of History & Industry, Saturday, April 1, 2000. Lecture:
The New Deal and the Federal Art Projects. 

Art Libraries Society of North America, National Conference, Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, B.C., April 10, 1999 for the Frick Fine Arts Library, University of Pittsburgh. Lecture:
“Staving Off Starvation’s Wolf” (Washington State artists and the W.P.A.)

Seattle Art Museum: February 27, 1999 Lecture: The Influence of Arthur Wesley Dow & The Arts & Crafts Movement on early Northwest Painters, Printmakers and Photographers)

Seattle Asian Art Museum: Dec. 6, 1998 Lecture:  (Northwest Women Artists, 1890-1950)

Articles for Western New York Heritage magazine:
 Intimate Spirits: Remembering the Art & Lives of Annie Crawford and Emma Kaan. co-authored with Michael L. James.
Fall, 2007, Volume 10 #3.

 “Eugene M. Dyczkowski: Lusty Realist of Depression-Era Buffalo”. Winter, 2004, Volume 6, number 4. 

 "Niagara's Visual Music in the Paintings of Claire Shuttleworth (1867-1930)." Winter, 2003, Volume 6, Number 1.
As a result of our exhaustive research beginning in 1986, the gallery has made significant contributions to the understanding of the region's art history. Due to our diligent efforts to find and promote these Northwest artists, the works of early Seattle painters, printmakers and photographers are once again hanging at local institutions like the Seattle Art Museum.
We have also compiled an extensive archive of biographical and institutional information and photographs pertaining to Seattle's art history, making us a resource for institutions and private collectors both.
Co-owner David Martin is a leading expert on early Northwest art and has contributed to many publications and exhibitions. He is a recognized authority on the Washington state WPA, Regional printmaking, American women artists, Gay and Lesbian artists, and photography, most especially the Seattle Camera Club (1924-1929), an important group of mostly Japanese-American photographers who were among the earliest international artists in the region.